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FOCUS Performance Systems, Inc. (FPSI) has a 33 year history of delivering performance solutions that work. We help organizations get better results through better execution. Our systematic tools for problem solving and decision making are targeted to both the individual and the organization. FOCUS Solutions are delivered by FPSI employees and FOCUS partners in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Southeast Asia.

The FOCUSg_tm2.gif (60 bytes) Performance Solutions

Decision Focus Essential tools for solving problems, making decisions and planning ahead.
Decision Leadership Advanced skills for strategic and high stakes decisions.
Advancing Team Performance Tools and training for leveraging the best results from business teams.
Consulting Project specific consulting in management decision analysis, problem solving, strategy and plan execution.

We also provide software support for many of the FOCUSg_tm2.gif (60 bytes) tools. Our leading edge software solutions make learning the Focus tools easier than ever, and help you gain immediate results by linking into your most frequently used desktop tools.

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