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ATP Team Assessment
How is "team-building" effective if you don't know exactly what the team needs? MORE

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Our tools and training are backed by 36 years of marketplace results

Our courses in decision making, problem solving and team effectiveness have helped thousands of business professionals achieve better results. The Focusg_tm2.gif (60 bytes) tools are used at multiple levels of an organization to sort out complex business problems and arrive at the best solutions. For over 36 years, we've focused solely on these disciplines.

What we do:
We train leaders, managers and key contributors in our proven approaches for effective problem solving, decision making and decision leadership.
We work with leaders to install effective processes for the way business decisions are analyzed, made, approved and implemented.
We provide one-on-one executive coaching.
We provide consulting services for high stakes decisions.
We help advance team performance by equipping teams with tools to achieve their highest collective performance.

We transfer these skills and tools through classroom and web training, consulting, coaching or a combination of these methods.

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Decision Focus

Decision Leadership

Advancing Team Performance


Instructor Certification

Coach Certification

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