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Teams are the lifeblood of many organizations, yet many fall short in achieving their required outcomes. Why?
  • They get off to a poor start.
  • They get off to a decent start, but the landscape changes and they are not equipped to cope.
  • They flounder (poor output, missed milestones, lost focus) because:
    • Purpose and/or goals are unclear or not accepted.
    • Unclear roles.
    • Conflicts around scope.
    • No structure for critical thinking, issues analysis, or decision making.
    • No system to hold team members accountable.

What's needed is a structure to assist teams throughout their life to help them:

  • Get off to a great start.
  • Get to high productivity state as soon as possible.
  • Do their best decision making, problem solving and critical thinking.
  • Collaborate effectively in a positive and respectful manner.

ATP (Advancing Team Performance) is a proven approach for both existing teams and new teams, based on over 20 years of marketplace results. It's a series of processes and tools that, when effectively applied, help teams achieve their goals and maintain healthy and productive work relationships. There are three core elements of the ATP system:

Team Launch Process - for newly formed teams. There are five essential elements that lead to a fast and effective team start-up. These are applied in a Team Launch work session - for any new team that needs to compress its "formation-to-productivity" cycle.

Team Assessment Process - for existing teams. Different teams need different solutions. This approach is used to diagnose specific areas of focus that will lead to better team performance. Through this process, a customized advancement initiative is created - not a "same size fits all" approach.

Team Advancement Process - for both new and existing teams. Without attention to sound processes, all teams fall into some form of disrepair. Team advancement plans are based on a sound, structured foundation, and will help propel the team forward in achieving its purpose and goals.

The ATP process insures your team is aligned in the five critical areas of team performance.

The net result is a quicker path to team results, fewer problems - and a repeatable process to insure your team continues to function at its best.

ATP Coach Certification
Build in-house experts with the ATP Coach Certification program. This process allows you to embed ATP solutions throughout your organization and provide expert team consulting on demand.

Learn about the Certification Process (open a pdf)

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