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Focus Coach Certification

Coach certification equips you with the skills and tools to help your organization achieve maximum payoff from the powerful Decision Focus or ATP (Advancing Team Performance) processes. You'll acquire advanced capabilities to lead meetings, advise others in the effective use of the tools and techniques, and serve as Coach to teams.

Certified Decision Focus Coach

The certification process includes completion of the three day Decision Focus Coach class and a post training certification assignment. As a certified Decision Focus Coach, you are positioned to provide valuable support to individuals and teams in these areas:

  • Assessing complex situations to untangle a major issue, problem, or concern.
  • Facilitating team problem solving and decision making meetings.
  • Getting to the root cause of deviations, failures, and specific problems.
  • Avoiding the trial and error mode that many teams fall into.
  • Assessing decision scenarios, analyzing critical factors, and forming sound decision recommendations.
  • Helping others stay focused on the Decision Focus process to increase the speed and effectiveness of analysis.
  • Leveraging the full capabilities of Decision Focus Software
  • Creating action plans that address core issues and concerns, not symptoms.
  • Developing plans with risk mitigation strategies built in.
  • Creating presentations for management that are logical, sound, and succinct.

Certified ATP (Advancing Team Performance) Coach

ATP is a proven approach to provide team process support for both existing teams and new teams, based on over 20 years of marketplace results. It focuses on assessing and executing the five core strategies for successful teams.

During this certification, you�ll learn principles and processes to maximize your effectiveness as an ATP Coach. The program consists of a 3-day classroom session followed by completion of an individual coaching project. This allows you to apply the skills and tools in your unique work environment under the guidance of an ATP Master Coach.

How you will benefit from this course:

  • Use a structured and consistent approach to assess complex team issues.
  • Gather information from team members using the ATP assessment survey and analysis process.
  • Use the five ATP success factors to effectively consult with any team.
  • Learn a repeatable process to facilitate a team start-up.
  • Create team advancement plans based on data, not opinions, or a "cookie-cutter" approach.
  • Get teams back on track in days, not months.
  • Shorten a team's timeline from "Forming" to "Performing".
  • Learn how to create team advancement plans, based on a sound, structured foundation - and become a continuing partner with each team you work with
Call or email us for more information on Coach certification processes, dates and locations.
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