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Sometimes an outside expert is the best choice to bring objectivity and focus to an important business decision, problem, or project. Our four senior consultants have over 70 years of experience in applying the FOCUSg_tm2.gif (60 bytes) methods, and are among the foremost experts in decision processes for business application. We will work with you to rapidly deploy the FOCUS methods to your situation and deliver effective solutions.

Our clients have credited FPS for helping them untangle complex business problems, save millions of dollars and dramatically improve their decision processes. Our consulting engagements are typically in these areas of focus:

  • Critical Business Decisions, and
  • Project Launch, Coaching and Support.

Critical Business Decisions

The success or failure of many high impact business decisions can be directly linked to the process used to arrive at the result. The process must help the decision team control the multitude of factors that cause failure:

  • Complexity of the situation
  • Disagreements over how to approach the decision
  • Politics, personal biases and power plays
  • Uncertainty and risk
  • Time pressure
Our consultants apply the proven Decision Focus approach to untangle this decision-making complexity. Our techniques and methods ensure the right intelligence is gathered, options are properly explored, and potential risks mitigated.

FPS consultants provide impartial leadership and advanced expertise using our proven decision processes. We help the team organize, sort, and analyze information and intelligence. We maintain objectivity regarding the issue at hand, help the group work better together, stay on task and deliver a high quality result.

Our involvement may be facilitation of one or more Decision Focus meetings, or may include a more detailed analysis of the business issue or problem. Either way, our role is to rapidly apply critical analysis and objectivity to the problem and ensure that the resulting solution will deliver the best results.

"Your advice and guidance allowed us to obtain executive level approval of our recommended strategy this week. You were a key player on our team and we appreciate working with you."

Decision Recommendation Team Leader

Project Launch, Coaching and Support

Project teams of all sizes tend to fail much more frequently than we are willing to admit. The causes are numerous:

  • They get off to a poor start.
  • They get off to an acceptable start, but the landscape changes and they are not equipped to cope.
  • They have no structure for group problem solving and decision making.
  • They rely on inferior forms of communication (email, teleconferences).
  • They don't achieve true buy in and willingness to be accountable to the team's purpose and goals.
We close these gaps through a structured team launch process and on-going project support.

Project Launch:
This is a dedicated work session that focuses on:

  • Alignment of the team's purpose, goals, and member roles.
  • Full and complete understanding of the project definition, scope, and timing.
  • Creation of an issues and decisions landscape and roadmap.
  • Initial Situation Analysis and team tactical plan.
  • Creating alignment on team work structure and practices.
  • Generating optimism and a spirit of positive expectations for the team.
We work with the project leader and executive sponsor to determine priorities for the work session, and design the session to deliver these solutions in a structured, results focused format.

Project Coaching and Support:
Our consultants strengthen your project management process with tools to streamline decisions, resolve problems and delays, and protect the project plan from unforeseen disasters. There are three options for project support:

Embedded support. In this mode, the FOCUS consultant is a member of the team. He/she participates in team meetings, and provides direction in issue analysis, decision analysis, risk mitigation, and other critical �team thinking� initiatives. The FOCUS consultant also serves as a coach to the Team Leader as needed.

Decision Compression. In this mode, the FOCUS consultant leads the decision process for an important or high stakes project related decision. This is typically a short term assignment; the length of involvement is limited to the specific decision or risk mitigation process, and does not continue with the team, unless requested.

Review and Feedback. In this mode, our role is to provide expert review and feedback of completed decision recommendations, situation analysis reports, or other project team work output. This is typically done offsite, with meetings and interactions done in teleconference / web meeting format. We ensure that conclusions are based on sound facts and assumptions, and that the analysis is complete and correct.

Contact us to speak with a Senior Consultant about your situation and needs.

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