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A more rational approach to problem solving and decision making.

What is Decision Focus?
Decision Focus is a process for problem solving and decision making that's based on principles of logic and critical thinking. It is a set of tools used to resolve problems, make business judgments, implement plans and break complex issues down into manageable pieces. It helps organizations get the full benefit from the knowledge and thinking capabilities of their people.

Amidst the constant drive for results and the need for speed in business, people struggle with applying a rational approach to problem solving in their everyday jobs. Without a process, things go wrong:
bull_pur.gif (109 bytes) Poor understanding of situations.
bull_pur.gif (109 bytes) Wrong assumptions.
bull_pur.gif (109 bytes) Opinions masquerading as facts.
bull_pur.gif (109 bytes) Defensiveness, finger pointing.
bull_pur.gif (109 bytes) Erroneous conclusions.
bull_pur.gif (109 bytes) Spending time and money on the wrong actions.

Decision Focus takes knowledge and experience and funnels it through a system designed for better results. We work with organizations to install the Decision Focus tools into systems and procedures used in teams, projects, processes and everyday tasks and assignments.

DECISION FOCUS can be learned via classroom training, live web classes, or independent study. Click here for more information on each learning format (LearnOpt.pdf)

What's your problem solving "IQ"??
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Key Outcomes

Improve your ability to consistently make the right decisions, especially when timelines are tight and action is required.
Break down complex situations and problems into workable pieces.
Identify the true root cause of a problem before you spend time and money on corrective action.
Learn a format to clearly identify roles in important decision situations.
Present decision and action plan recommendations in a logical and persuasive format.
Increase your skill in identifying criteria and assessing decision risks.
Decrease project timelines by forecasting problems and preventing problems before they occur.
Learn how to ask better questions in decision making and problem solving situations.
Learn how to apply the most effective problem solving technique in every situation.

Situation Analysis How to resolve broad problems.
This process helps you get to the heart of complex problems faster. It helps you understand the whole situation clearly so you can set priorities and take the right actions needed for successful resolution.

Problem Analysis

How to find causes of specific problems.
Problem Analysis is a systematic questioning technique which gathers problem data and identifies unique characteristics surrounding the problem environment. It then helps you generate possible causes, verify the true root cause, and identify the right corrective actions.

Decision Analysis

How to consistently make the right decisions.
This process systematically analyzes decision alternatives to reach one or more objectives while controlling the risks. You'll learn our proven methods for developing decision objectives, establishing sound criteria, comparing alternatives, and assessing risks to assure high quality results.

Risk Mitigation Analysis

How to turn good decisions into great results.
Risk Mitigation is used to proactively implement decisions and plans by foreseeing problems and obstacles that threaten success. You'll identify hidden 'killers and cripplers' and prevent them from destroying your decisions and plans.

Decision Focus Software

How to harness the power of Decision Focus Software.
You'll receive a Decision Focus Software license as part of your learning kit and discover how it takes your problem solving to a whole new level of speed and effectiveness! Click here to learn more.

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