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Your business is either propelled forward or dragged to a halt as a result of decisions made by your managers. When a key decision is needed, it is the leader's role to guide the process in a way that insures the best solution. Improve your skills in the three critical areas of Decision Leadership:

Decision making skills and processes - to help you consistently make smart decisions in high stakes situations.
Organizational processes - to help you manage the complexities of gaining organizational alignment in the decision making process.
Human factors - to better understand the psychology of business decision making and behavioral tendencies that help or hinder the process.

The ability to manage strategic and high stakes decisions is a valuable and crucial skill that helps make managers, leaders and executives indispensable. With Decision Leadership, you'll learn principles and processes to maximize your effectiveness as a decision leader. The program consists of a 2-day classroom session followed by completion of an individual decision project. This allows you to apply the skills and tools in your unique work environment under the guidance of an executive decision making coach.

How You Will Benefit

Gain better understanding of the dynamics surrounding a strategic situation, problem, or decision.
Establish clear processes for identifying and clarifying decision roles in high stakes decisions.
Learn techniques to gather the right intelligence, analyze it properly, and understand the relationship between the information and selection of possible outcomes or decisions.
Improve your ability to manage important decision meetings.
Gain better alignment with management sponsors and decision stakeholders at key points in the decision process.
Better control of sources of uncertainty and risk in important decisions and judgments.
Improve the quality and effectiveness of executive level decision presentations.
Achieve better business decision outcomes.


Decision Leadership Model: Assess - Decide - Deliver


The ADD Model (Assess - Decide - Deliver) is our proven approach to achieving the best decision outcomes in strategic and high stakes situations.

The Assess
The goal of the Assess phase is to make sense of the decision situation and plan for its analysis. To do this, the Decision Leader must:
  • Gain understanding and comprehension of the events and factors that led the organization to enter the decision process.
  • Understand the connections and complexities of these factors - to determine the relevance and impact of each one on the upcoming decision.
  • Achieve shared understanding of this with others involved in the decision process.
  • Identify key decision roles and the people who will occupy them for the decision project at hand.
With Decision Leadership, you'll learn tools to help you and your team in assessing decision situations quickly and gain alignment with others on objectives, approach and people.

The Decide

In this phase, the Decision Leader and team conduct the formal analysis and prepare the decision recommendation. The objectives of the Decide phase are:
  • Determine the best analysis approach.
  • Complete the decision analysis.
  • Package the recommendation, present findings and gain approval.
There are two guiding principles that drive this phase of the decision making process:
  1. Multiple solution alternatives are always preferred over a single option approach.
  2. Alignment between those that make decision recommendations and those that approve them is critical.
With Decision Leadership, you'll learn our proven methods for analyzing complex business decisions, and how to gain positive alignment with all stakeholders through the process. You'll also learn how to create the most effective decision approval "package" for executive sponsor review.

The Deliver

In the Deliver phase, the decision is prepared for implementation. The objectives of this phase are:
  • Form the implementation planning team.
  • Perform risk mitigation analysis for the decision implementation.
  • Implement the decision.
  • Conduct a decision process audit on the decision and its implementation, and document the findings.
The overarching goal of the Decision Leader in this phase is to create strategies and plans that will give the decision its best chance for success. This involves the adoption of a future oriented mindset, and the appropriate tools to aid in the implementation process. Since the future always involves uncertainty, the Decision Leader and team must be prudent in implementation planning and analysis. You'll learn our time-tested approaches to control risk and uncertainty to insure the decision produces its intended outcomes.

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