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Decision Focus 7.0 is the newest desktop companion for the Decision Focus tools suite. Decision Focus software helps you consistently make the right decisions - by including features that give you more speed, more control and more opportunities to apply your best thinking. Improve your ability to handle more kinds of decisions than ever before - all in a convenient, easy to use desktop toolkit.


New Features in version 7.0
Hyperlinks and Attachments Now you can link other sources of information to each Decision Focus worksheet. Attach documents, folders, web content or any other file to any Decision Focus worksheet cell you desire.
One-Step Bundling A Decision Focus worksheet file containing multiple links and attachments can easily be shared with other users through the "bundle and share" feature.
New Decision Analysis Graphics Now you can display important decision logic in a variety of graphical formats. Understand decision objectives, criteria, weights and trade-offs better, for rapid understanding and buy-in.
Enhanced Decision Risk Analysis This feature helps you think beyond the decision to make sure objectives are met, risks are considered and mitigation plans addressed prior to making an important decision.
One-Click Executive Summaries Now you can create a completely formatted text summary (MS Word) of your Decision Focus analysis - instantly. Use this feature to create status reports, updates or complete management reports.
Expanded Action Manager This tool has been expanded to allow for easier creation, tracking and control of important Decision action plans.
Tools that help you apply Decision Focus more effectively
. Step by step navigation through each Decision Focus process.
. Easy and intuitive to use, even for novices.
. 'Deeper dive' help available for each process step.
. Communicate results in multiple formats, including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Adobe Acrobat.
. Presentation Builder - generate multi-slide PowerPoint presentation summaries of your work - with one click.
. One Minute Lessons - to quickly learn the core steps of each Decision Focus process and keys to successful application.
. One click creation of detailed action plans with the Action Manager feature.
. Tool Chooser - to help you quickly size up an issue and determine the right Decision Focus tool for the job.
. Handy QuickStart Guide - to get you up and running.
. Detailed Users Guide - your complete reference guide to version 7.0.
. Compatible with Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Vista.

For information on Decision Focus Tools Training & Workshops, click here. To take a tour of Decision Focus 7.0 Software click here.

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