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Focus Elite Coaching

Powerful Processes for Peak

Leadership Performance



We help Leaders discover a powerful process to gain immediate results and lasting benefits.


By helping you choose the right actions that move you forward, you become self-accountable for results.


By understanding your true motivations, we help you create new habits to enable and sustain achievement.

Who We Work With

Leaders come in many diverse and unique packages and can benefit from coaching throughout their careers. But the most effective leaders create positive habits – habits that result from choices they make each day. They push themselves to come up with meaningful goals, and have a system for breaking them down into manageable parts. They then choose actions that move them in the right direction - and most importantly, become self-accountable for results. Maybe you are:

  •  A tired project leader who has begun to miss critical milestones

  • A new leader struggling to create a high performing team while navigate organizational changes

  • A newly promoted subject matter expert who wonders what "growing my business acumen" means

  • An experienced leader facing change after layoffs and major organizational change, M&A activities, or transition from start up to public company.

Whether it is the individual contributor who just became a people or business leader, or an experienced leader facing a major challenge outside their current comfort zone, our coaching can help.

Why Choose Us?

As Leaders move up the “talent pyramid”, they often struggle to balance their functional, people leadership and business roles. Without support, amazing individuals get frustrated, fail and leave.... or worse, fail and stay. And when a Leader is failing, their team and business suffers as well. 


What’s needed is a process and partnership to assist the Leader in gaining clarity and focus on goals, priorities, actions, and accountability.

Choosing a coach is an important decision.  We offer a unique combination of Executive Leadership experience with proven methodologies and extensive coaching capabilities from the FOCUS™ suite of solutions. 

Together, we put in place the structure, actions and cycle of motivation and accountability to help leaders tap into their passion – and help them get from where they are to where they dream of going.


Our Growth Model

The heart of our coaching process is a series of focused conversations guided by the GROWTH™ coaching model. We use this process to help leaders:

  • articulate their goals and the motivation to achieve them

  • understand the current reality - what’s already in place that’s helping them reach their goals, and what is missing

  • create options for moving purposefully toward each goal

  • select the options most likely to “move the needle”– to close the gap from where they currently are to goal achievement

  • choose specific actions, steps and timing

  • determine how progress will be measured

  • create habits to enable and sustain progress

The process begins with an initial meeting where we explore and establish meaningful goals, measurements, and standards of accountability. Follow up conversations are scheduled and conducted either virtually or in person.

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Meet Your Coach

Heather Tibbles-Vassilev

As a coach, Heather utilizes an authentic, direct trust-building coaching style with a toolkit of proven decision making, problem solving and personal effectiveness solutions. Her comprehensive, client-focused approach generates proven outcomes in creating strong leaders & improved business results while enhancing employee engagement critical to exceeding company targets.

With 25+ years’ experience as a Business Leader in Medical Devices and Drug Development, she personally understands that the transitions throughout a leader’s career can be challenging and often frustrating. She has successfully coached leaders to thrive as both people and business leaders throughout her long career.


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Read testimonials from Heather's coaching clients...

“I deeply appreciate the impact Heather had on my team's success and on my own personal and professional growth journey. She has an incredible dynamic range and can help people ‘see the big picture’ – from high level strategy all the way down to deployment of practical tools that help with tactical execution.  I can’t thank Heather enough for all her wisdom and guidance over the past several years. She is one in a million!”

“Heather is a very perceptive, trustworthy, and adaptive leader - she draws on her experience to adjust her style to the situation - which makes her very effective at working through a variety of complex organizational challenges. I have often sought Heather's counsel since she has a terrific ability to read people, view situations from unique angles, and come up with creative solutions. I have seen a number of people whom Heather took under her wing thrive and grow both personally and professionally.”

"Without a doubt, Heather's coaching has made me a better leader.  Her keenness & speed in understanding business situations and driving smart decisions were invaluable in successfully driving multiple critical business initiatives to conclusion. She sets a "high-bar" to help people understand how to develop themselves and their teams, and ensures they jump over it.  Heather has a proven ability to help leaders & teams thrive, I'm but one of them."

“Heather’s empathy-based, logical decision-making techniques helped me to create a high performing team without compromising my values of ensuring psychological safety and intellectual honesty.”

“She taught me to delegate, how to give real-time and fair feedback, and how to be self-aware. … to be an effective and authentic servant leader, even under times of stress.”

“Heather is a well-rounded professional - her strong technical foundation seamlessly meshes with her business acumen and highly refined soft skills to influence stakeholders and get things done.”

Our Coaching Packages

There are multiple coaching packages and options available. Click to purchase or contact us to find the one that’s right for you.

Our Valued Partners

Focus Performance Systems partners with organizations of all sizes around the world and across all functions and industries. See a sample listing of firms we have been honored to work with.

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