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Creative Focus®

“I really enjoyed this class. I’m a super left brainer (engineering background) and found these tools a great way to find truly creative solutions. Thanks again!” 

Senior Engineer

Creative Focus®

Every day, leaders, teams and entire organizations confront problems that require inventive solutions delivered as quickly as possible. As technology advances, our capacity to achieve creative insights becomes more important than ever, and the need for fast originality is even more urgent. 

Is AI coming after your job? Why creativity training is a must for your talent development strategy.

Creative Focus® was launched primarily as an idea generation toolkit for teams, and we’ve been on a continuous search for concepts, approaches and tools that equip each person with the skills to unlock their own creative potential. It’s clear that the best solutions come from a combination of group and individual processes. And technology, if used correctly, is increasingly a friend of the creative practices.

In this unique, 1 day workshop, you’ll learn how to harness the power of the creative process - alone, or as part of a team.


We will help you set in motion the conditions that help creativity flourish, through conscious use of Creative Focus® principles and tools.

Creativity can't be reduced to a formula - but the creative process is different.

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