Decision Focus®

“Decision Focus has helped our company establish a common method of making decisions, analyzing situations and solving problems. It allows us to focus on the real issues instead of interpreting everyone’s unique methods.” 

Sr. VP Operations

Decision Focus®

The ability to think critically and make sound judgements and decisions is a “must have” skill…period.

Decision Focus® is a process for problem solving and decision making that's based on 40 years of best practices. It is a set of tools used to resolve problems, make business judgments, implement plans and break complex issues down into manageable pieces. It helps organizations get the full benefit of the knowledge and experience of their people.

Amidst the constant drive for results and the need for short turnaround times, people struggle with applying sound logic and reasoning to problem solving in their teams. Without a process, things go wrong:  

  • Poor understanding of situations an problems

  • Wrong assumptions

  • Opinions masquerading as facts

  • Erroneous conclusions

  • Bad decisions

Decision Focus® is a proven set of tools that over 80,000 professionals have learned in our unique, 2-day workshop.

Decision Focus® takes your knowledge and experience and channels it into consistently better decisions.

We work with your organization to install the Decision Focus® tools into systems and procedures used in teams, projects, processes and everyday tasks and assignments.


How you will benefit:

  • Quickly size up complex situations and break down problems into workable pieces.

  • Find the true root causes of problems and failures before investing in expensive actions.

  • Develop tools for more fact based judgements

  • Gather the right intelligence - so options can be properly evaluated

  • Consistently make the right decisions, especially when under extreme time pressure.

  • Execute decisions and plans better by forecasting obstacles and proactively removing them before they occur

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Join the community of organizations who have built their leaders, teams, employees with FOCUS tools. 

Join the community of organizations who have built their leaders, teams, employees with FOCUS tools. 

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