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Decision Focus

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who are these courses for?

The Decision Focus Courses are ideal for anyone interested in improving their critical thinking, decision making, or problem solving skills. They are also used by teams who desire a common process and language of problem solving and decision making to increase the speed and quality of their collective work.

How long does each course take to complete?

Situation Analysis and Problem Prevention takes approximately 2 hours to complete. Decision Analysis takes 2-3 hours to complete. 

What’s included in the course experience?

Each course includes written and visual content, plus short video segments (1-3 minutes) that highlight key concepts. You’ll learn the tools, see them in action, then apply them in a one or more practice scenarios.

Is there a schedule, or can I take the course on my own time?

All online courses are on-demand, so you can complete them on your schedule.  

Is there coaching available?

Yes! Your course fee includes an optional complimentary coaching session from one of our certified FOCUS™ coaches. We’re here to help you get the most from what you learn in each course.

I’m part of a team who is interested in taking these courses together. Is there a format for this?

Yes. There is a special blended approach for teams, which includes the online course plus a 75 minute live session. During the live session, your team will apply the tools to your team’s priorities and dive deeper into specific application for your environment.

Can I return to the course content in the future?

Yes. Your course fee includes unlimited access to course content for 90 days.

Are there resources and tools I can use on the job?

Yes. There are downloads included in each course. Plus, as a bonus, you’ll also receive an unlimited license to download and use our new Decision Focus templates for on the job application. We designed them in Microsoft Excel, so they are easy to use, and a breeze to integrate with your other desktop applications. 

How are these courses different from live in-person Decision Focus courses?

In these online courses, you’ll learn the same Decision Focus process and tools that thousands of professionals have relied on for better decision making and problem solving.  You’ll also be equipped with our new Excel templates for quick and seamless on the job application of Decision Focus.

Are there discounts if I purchase more than one course?

Yes. Check out our bundled Decision Focus course offer.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept credit card or Paypal. If you are participating as part of a team, contact us for group billing.

Can I contact someone if I have a question?

Yes! Contact us at


Praise for the Decision Focus Course Suite

I am so thankful I took the Decision Focus  courses.  They were very eye opening and changed my perspective on how I go about making decisions, managing situations, and preventing problems. The courses were interactive and made it easy for you to apply on your own.

Social Media Marketing Manager

Decision Focus has helped our company establish a common method of making decisions, analyzing situations and solving problems. It allows us to focus on the real issues instead of interpreting everyone’s unique methods.

Senior VP Operations

Decision Focus gave me the skills and understanding to tackle the important decisions I have every day, and helped me avoid wasting time on distractions. The online courses gave me the right amount of information and used real life case studies that were interesting. Since completing the courses,  I’ve found myself referencing the tools multiple times.

Global E-Commerce Specialist

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