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DiSC Certification Case Studies

For our Breakout Room activity in Live Session 2, you’ll respond to a case study client using their Supplement for Facilitators report. You were assigned to one of three case studies by your facilitator. Find the corresponding case study below and then review it to learn more about your client and their report. Jot down some notes about what you would say to your client based on the information in their Supplement. Be ready to share your feedback with the rest of the group.

Case Study - Alex, Di Style

Alex is an architectural engineer. He’s frustrated with his DiSC® experience, and he doesn’t agree with the profile. When the facilitator asks the group to personalize the feedback, Alex finds there are as many X’s as checkmarks. While he agrees with some of the Di qualities that are reflected in the feedback, he feels it misses key characteristics that he values in himself, like his attention to detail. Others around him are astounded by how accurate their reports seem to be, and he’s skeptical, thinking that they are just too impressionable.

Case Study - Janice, D Style (March) and Si Style (July)

Janice is a business manager who is not sure what to make of the fact that her DiSC® style seems to have changed drastically over the course of only 4 months. She received her first profile during a team-building event with her department in March. She was very satisfied with the results and found the feedback about a D style to be an accurate and insightful description of her. Now, in July, she’s doing a DiSC workshop with her church council. However, this new profile shows that her style is an Si. While she understands that a dot can move a little, she never thought it would move to a different style, especially one on the opposite side of the circle. And strangely, she identifies with the feedback this time too.

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