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DiSC for Teams

“This was exactly what we needed as a team. Great insights - this will be a solid foundation for our team to build on.” 

- CEO & Business Owner

DiSC for Teams

For New & Existing Teams

 DiSC is an excellent tool to help team members work better together. We know – we’ve administered thousands of DiSC profiles to teams like yours. Since 1994, we have helped team members improve relationships, collaborate more effectively and build stronger connections through DiSC. The DISC assessment provides new insight into your working style, where you focus your energy, motivators and stressors, and how you approach problems. You’ll also receive strategies to increase effectiveness with each of your team members - based on your unique behavioral style and priorities.

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DiSC Certfication

Does your organization have internal trainers? If so, take advantage of our all-inclusive DiSC services.

As experts in the DiSC principles and team application, our strength is in our total support for your organization’s DiSC needs:

DiSC Leader Training – we teach your organization’s trainers to deliver DiSC workshops. Online or in-person courses are available. Click here to learn more about our DiSC Leader Training registration and pricing.

DiSC Trainer Support – our DiSC Master Trainers are available for coaching, consulting, or any other DiSC application needs. This service is complimentary for our DiSC client organizations.


DiSC Administration and Logistics – We handle all DiSC related logistics and administration for your DiSC training events. Just send us your event roster, and we do the rest. That way you can focus on delivering excellent DiSC training for your teams. This is also a complimentary service for our DiSC client organizations.

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