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NTS Head + Cervical Therapy Certificatio
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DiSC Survey Instructions: NeuroTherapy Systems Certification

In preparation for NeuroTherapy Systems Head & Cervical Therapy Certification, you have been asked to complete the self-assessment entitled Everything DiSC Workplace. This should take approximately 15 minutes to complete.
This survey will produce a personalized report for you to identify your preferred behavioral priorities, and strategies to use that knowledge to increase trust and relationships with your team, colleagues, and patients. This is not a test, so you cannot pass or fail. When responding to the assessment, please answer based on how you see yourself in your work environment. Your first impression is most accurate.

To begin the assessment, click your name below.

Mike Roth

TJ Chacon

Charlynn Capan

Kara Meier

Jack Fitzgerald

Dr. Roby Mitchell

Lynn McHale

Misty McShanag

Jason Wilburn  

Paige Lowe    

Sara Samons-Moore  

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