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Feedback is Not an "F" Word

Giving and receiving feedback is crucial for productive working relationships. You probably knew that already. What you may not know is that each style has a different goal and a different fear around receiving feedback.

Feedback implies a need for a change of focus or behavior, which can stir up personal fears and insecurities. For instance, if you work closely or live with someone who has a 'D' style, they fear losing control or being taken advantage of.

How do we take this fear into consideration, and offer observations that are more well-received?

That's where our complimentary Everything DiSC Style Feedback Guide comes in.

When confronting a 'D' style person, as in our example above, try not to have a long, drawn out conversation about the issue. Get straight to the point, offer clear suggestions and be willing to listen to theirs as well. Conversely, when they give you feedback don't take their bluntness to heart. They aren't trying to be rude.

As in everything in the DiSC world, self-awareness is key....the more we can get along, the better.

Giving feedback doesn't have to be difficult. Check out our complimentary Everything DiSC Style Feedback Guide below and let us know what you think!

Here's to better status meetings and more effective relationships.

DiSC Style Feedback Guide
Download PDF • 245KB

PS - If you want to go deeper into why a particular style thinks the way they do, we highly recommend listening to their style podcast for your free therapy fix.


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