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A Case for ATP

“Team: A small group of people, with complementary skills who share a common purpose, goals and approach, who hold themselves mutually accountable.”

- Katzenbach and Smith, The Wisdom of Teams

Teams are the lifeblood of many organizations, yet many fall short in achieving their essential outcomes. Why?

  • They get off to a poor start.

  • They get off to a decent start, but the landscape changes and they are not equipped to cope.

  • They flounder (poor output, missed milestones, lost focus) because:

    • Purpose and/or goals are unclear or not accepted.

    • Unclear roles.

    • Conflicts around scope.

    • No structure for critical thinking, issues analysis, or decision making.

    • No system to hold team members accountable.


What’s needed is a structure to assist teams throughout their life to help them:

  • Get off to a great start.

  • Get to high productivity state as soon as possible.

  • Do their best decision making, problem solving and critical thinking.

  • Collaborate effectively in a positive and respectful manner.


ATP (Advancing Team Performance) is a proven approach for both existing teams and new teams, based on over 25 years of marketplace results. It’s a series of processes and tools that, when effectively applied, help teams achieve their goals and maintain healthy and productive work relationships.

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