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Advancing Team Performance

ATP is our virtual workshop that focuses on assessing and executing the five core strategies for successful teams, based on over 20 years of marketplace results.

Teams are the lifeblood of many organizations, yet many fall short in achieving their essential outcomes. Why? 

  • They get off to a poor start. Or maybe they get off to a decent start, but the landscape changes & they are unable to cope.

  • They are experiencing significant change and are struggling to adapt.

  • They flounder, resulting in delays, missed milestones, and lost focus.


In our experience, there are many reasons why this can happen: 

  • Purpose and/or goals are unclear or not accepted.

  • Unclear, redundant or missing roles.

  • Uncertainties or conflicts around scope.

  • No structure for critical thinking, issues analysis, or decision making.

  • Too much dependence on inferior forms of communication.

  • No system to hold team members accountable.


ATP Success Factors

Why do organizations choose ATP?
This is why we created ATP.

Learn more about each of our ATP Success Factors below. 


Why does this team exist?


What results must be achieved?


What does the team do & not do?

Who is ATP for? 

Advancing Team Performance is a proven approach for both existing teams and new teams, based on over 20 years of marketplace results. It is a series of processes and tools that, when effectively applied, help teams achieve their goals and maintain healthy and productive work relationships. ATP will help your teams:


Get off to a great start (or re-launch as team members or scope changes).

Get to high productivity state as soon as possible.

Do their best decision making, problem solving and critical thinking.

Collaborate effectively in a positive and respectful manner.


Where does my role end and another's begin?


What practices are appropriate for our team?


How does my DiSC style impact our team?

ATP training is our long term, collaborative partnership with Focus Systems Performance for high performing teams. We are excited to bring this training program back to Beckman Coulter to support onboarding of new teams and refreshes for team in times of change. Thank you for taking the time to help us grow and develop our existing teams." - VP Program Management

How does ATP work? 

During the ATP experience, your team will learn principles and processes to maximize your collective effectiveness. ATP consists of a series of online lessons followed by live virtual sessions, where your team will come together and complete the key elements selected for your group. ATP can also be delivered in person, for teams who can participate in face-to-face sessions. Timing and commitment depends on modules selected, number of team members, and virtual or in-person delivery. 

ATP is highly customized to the needs of your team. During the ATP planning process, you'll work with a senior FOCUS consultant to assess the team's current state in each of the five ATP areas of focus. 

Become a Certified ATP Coach

Become a catalyst for improving your workplace by learning how to deliver this powerful solution within your organization. 

The ATP training last fall was a great experience for the L1 team. I have scheduled ATP workshops for my own team in 2022.  - Director, Global Talent

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