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ATP  Coach Certification


Have you experienced the power of Advancing Team Performance?  Our ATP Coach Certification is the best resource for building foundational knowledge and tools for facilitating this powerful solution.

ATP Coach Certification

With the pandemic changing our physical coworking relationships, you need a solution to promote a team-building culture outside of the office. Our ATP Coach Certification is the best resource for building foundational knowledge and tools, while also gaining hands-on experience facilitating this powerful solution virtually or in-person. It is a proven approach to provide team process support for both existing teams and new teams, based on over 20 years of marketplace results. It focuses on assessing and executing the five core strategies for successful teams.


ATP Coach Certification will equip you with skills and resources to deliver the full suite of ATP solutions for your teams. You’ll also gain valuable team coaching skills to assist teams in all phases of their life.


During the process you will:

  • Understand the key foundations and principles of the ATP model

  • Learn and practice key components of the ATP Leader’s Guide 

  • Learn multiple options for virtual and in-person ATP Facilitation

  • Prepare for your first ATP virtual workshop

  • And more! 

Participants will:

  • Gain experience in applying ATP solutions to functional teams, project teams, leadership teams, and more

  • Navigate challenging scenarios that could arise during a workshop or coaching session

  • Learn skills and tools to help teams build positive, respectful, and trusting relationships

  • Create processes, tools & norms that are visible, consistent & effective methods for team output

  • Create clarity & acceptance of the team's scope and team member roles 

  • Generate clarity, commitment and accountability to the teams goals

Program Components

  • Online or in-person courses are available. 

  • Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive the FOCUS™ credential of Certified ATP Coach.

  • Contact us for more information, registration and pricing.

Team Success Factors

5 Team Success Factors.png

Why Get Certified in ATP Coach Certification?

This process is a must for those involved in supporting high impact teams, including staff members who make recommendations to team leaders about team building activities. 

Private Group Certifications Available

Two Ways to Learn

Whether you prefer being at home or enjoy traveling to meet new people, our ATP Coach Certification has the ability to suit any learning style. 

When it's time to return to classroom training, our In-Person Certification will be available.

Be the first to get notified when we announce our Spring 2023 Certification dates!

Online Blended

Accessible from the convenience of your home or office computer, the ATP Coach Certification online course offers the flexibility of self-paced learning paired with live, virtual classroom sessions led by our expert FOCUS™ Coaches.

In Person

ATP Coach Certification begins with online, self-directed learning and culminates in two days of practical application facilitated by our expert FOCUS™ Coaches. This is held at our Education Center in Minneapolis, MN.

Ready to get certified? 

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