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If healthy relationships signify success, then how do you have a healthy relationship? You must know how to have healthy, productive conflict. Easier said than done. ​We've all learned destructive conflict behaviors within our own families. We aren't taking courses on conflict management in school. We're human - when it comes to handling interpersonal workplace relationships, none of us are immune from being a guilty party. As leaders, we can attempt to be self aware of our dysfunctional behaviors, but we don’t always know how to fix them.​ Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict transforms uncomfortable encounters into stronger relationships. This is a research-validated online assessment with downloadable 20-page PDF personalized report. Once you add a survey to your cart, you can edit the # of surveys you would like prior to purchase. After purchasing, you will receive an access code via email within 24 hours. We recommend taking DiSC Workplace prior to taking DiSC Productive Conflict, but it is not required.

The DiSC Productive Conflict Survey

  • "I've taken many profile assessments, but Productive Conflict was the most transformative. I took action based on suggestions in my report, and I feel empowered."

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