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Focus Elite Coaching

Personalized Processes for

Leadership Mastery



We serve leaders through personalized programs for immediate and long-term success and satisfaction.


Together, we will redefine what success means and remove what is blocking your light so you can shine.


Through a mastery mindset, you will continuously develop into BEING the most accomplished and healthy leader you can be.

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Meet Your Coach

Heather Tibbles-Vassilev

As a coach, Heather utilizes an authentic, direct trust-building coaching style with a toolkit of proven decision making, problem solving and personal effectiveness solutions. Her comprehensive, client-focused approach generates proven outcomes in creating strong leaders & improved business results while enhancing employee engagement critical to exceeding company targets.

With 25+ years’ experience as a Business Leader in Medical Devices and Drug Development, she personally understands that the transitions throughout a leader’s career can be challenging and often frustrating. She has successfully coached leaders to thrive as both people and business leaders throughout her long career.

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Who We Serve

Does any of this sound familiar (and frankly exhausting) to you?

  • Focusing only on the day-to-day rather than future effects—only putting out fires.

  • Measuring success & failure only by meeting numbers or metrics.

  • Overwhelmed by too many responsibilities.

  • Feeling ashamed, powerless, unmotivated, unqualified, and just plain stuck.

  • Confined by leadership methods that just don’t work for you anymore.

  • Tired of feeling you need to sacrifice either yourself OR your business to have success.


People come in many diverse and unique packages, and all can benefit from coaching throughout their careers. Even if you don’t think of yourself as a leader, you are one.  A leader is someone who interacts with and influences people—which if your life or work involves any other people, includes you. No matter what you do, you influence the people in your world in some way. With this awareness, it may be time for you to choose HOW you want to lead and consider the impact your legacy will leave on every single being you touch.

We serve Leaders who are ready to embrace a Next Level Vision of Leadership - not just going through the motions and DOING tasks but thriving in BEING their whole, empowered selves. Whether you are a current leader facing a major challenge, a new leader facing a transition, or a leader just stuck in determining your next steps, Focus Elite Coaching can help.

Why Choose Us?

Leadership is often not a linear path.  Leaders must be ready to shift and adapt through promotions, reorganization, new strategic directions, layoffs, and more.  Some of these transitions are planned, but some are not.  These changes may often feel like they are happening TO you, and it can be tough to feel like you have any choice in your life.  Without support, amazing individuals get frustrated, fail and leave.... or worse, fail and stay. And when a Leader is failing, their team and business suffer as well.

Focus Elite Coaching transforms your life and work, giving you back agency in your world, regardless of the changes happening around you.

Combining years of Executive Leadership experience with proven tools from the FOCUS™ and Energy Leadership™ suite of solutions, we serve our clients by designing programs to fit their needs and goals. This may be a single session or a long-term growth journey together as an individual, or it could look like Leadership Mastery workshops for your team. By learning to grow through a mastery mindset, you will continuously develop into BEING the most accomplished and healthy leader you can be.

Are you Ready to be a Next Level Leader? Together, we will

  • Redefine what success means and what your unique leadership path looks like

  • Reframe reactive thoughts to those of choose and empowerment in every situation.

  • Remove what is blocking your light so you can shine.


This journey doesn’t end with you.  In fact, it is only the beginning.



Take control over your energy - from negative to positive, from reactive to proactive, and from limiting to empowering.


Learn how to harness the “intangibles” that make the best leaders - confidence, decisiveness, peace and engagement.


Utilize your belief systems - about who you are and what you believe about the world - to unlock your true potential.

Along with our FOCUS suite of products, as an IPEC certified coach, Heather is proud to offer these solutions:

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What We Believe & How We Do It

Our Mission

At Focus Performance Systems, we believe that coaching is an empowered & personalized alliance designed to unlock your potential.


We believe in honoring and serving you as a whole person which includes:

  • Who you are TODAY and who you will be TOMORROW, informed by who you have been

  • HOW you choose to show up in your career and life

  • WHAT it looks like for you to achieve your full potential


We believe that each person’s story is unique and deserves a personalized experience that is just as special as they are.

We believe that deep and long-lasting change starts with awareness. 

We believe in serving our clients through a combination of real-world experience and research-backed & proven tools and coaching methodologies. 

We believe that complete understanding of a person’s behavior requires the acknowledgement that they are a sum of many parts, particularly both their more permanent character traits as well as their temporary and fluid emotional states.


We believe in continuous improvement, learning, exploring, and evolving new ideas in fields that include and influence coaching theories, ideas and practices.

Our Process

 The coaching journey begins with helping you develop greater awareness of the following:

  • Priorities, strengths, traits, stressors, and motivators of ourselves and those around us.

  • Perceptions, mindsets and attitudes & how they impact our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

  • Agency gained when we align purpose and values with goals and action plans.

Our certified coaching methods utilize our

character trait-based Everything DiSC® toolkit and emotional state-based Core Energy Coaching 

toolkit to provide a holistic approach to unlocking your success. 

  • DiSC Assessments & Coaching helps clients recognize the priorities, motivators, and stress triggers that shape their workplace experience.


  • Core Energy Coaching and assessments helps clients consciously connect with their core thoughts and emotions, recognizing that true change starts from within. 


Are you ready to join us on this unique coaching journey to self-awareness and holistic improvement?


We offer a complimentary 1:1 session to see if we're a good fit together. Book your session today!

Introducing Our FOCUS Productive Energy Solutions
Featuring the Energy Leadership Index Assessment for You
And our Focus Team Energy Workshop for Your Teams
Working Together
Take the Productive Conflict Survey

Do you shy away from conflict? Transform uncomfortable encounters into stronger relationships with your personalized, 21-page DiSC report.


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Read testimonials from Heather's coaching clients...

“I deeply appreciate the impact Heather had on my team's success and on my own personal and professional growth journey. She has an incredible dynamic range and can help people ‘see the big picture’ – from high level strategy all the way down to deployment of practical tools that help with tactical execution.  I can’t thank Heather enough for all her wisdom and guidance over the past several years. She is one in a million!”

“Heather is a very perceptive, trustworthy, and adaptive leader - she draws on her experience to adjust her style to the situation - which makes her very effective at working through a variety of complex organizational challenges. I have often sought Heather's counsel since she has a terrific ability to read people, view situations from unique angles, and come up with creative solutions. I have seen a number of people whom Heather took under her wing thrive and grow both personally and professionally.”

"Without a doubt, Heather's coaching has made me a better leader.  Her keenness & speed in understanding business situations and driving smart decisions were invaluable in successfully driving multiple critical business initiatives to conclusion. She sets a "high-bar" to help people understand how to develop themselves and their teams, and ensures they jump over it.  Heather has a proven ability to help leaders & teams thrive, I'm but one of them."

“Heather’s empathy-based, logical decision-making techniques helped me to create a high performing team without compromising my values of ensuring psychological safety and intellectual honesty.”

“She taught me to delegate, how to give real-time and fair feedback, and how to be self-aware. … to be an effective and authentic servant leader, even under times of stress.”

“Heather is a well-rounded professional - her strong technical foundation seamlessly meshes with her business acumen and highly refined soft skills to influence stakeholders and get things done.”

Our Coaching Packages

There are multiple coaching packages and options available. Click to purchase or contact us to find the one that’s right for you.

Our Valued Partners

Focus Performance Systems partners with organizations of all sizes around the world and across all functions and industries. See a sample listing of firms we have been honored to work with.

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