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The Law of Being

  • Harness Law of Being to Boost Your Growth - in work and in life! 

    This program focuses on the WHO—on your belief systems about who you believe you are and what you believe about the world. 

    Law of Being's exclusive, consciousness-shifting topics and exercises include:

    • A multi-segment journey focused on WHO you really are, how you got to where you are, and what you truly desire for your future.
    • The Abundance Attractor, a formula for creating your reality and manifesting the life you desire.
    • The DBA Process, a transformative exercise to aid you in attracting positive abundance.

    During this program you will experience:

    • An unforgettable, fully-guided 16-week journey into your unique consciousness via their personal client portal (with access for life!)
    • An opportunity to explore various aspects of your being and uncover profound insights to create the ideal life you envision
    • 12 accompanying audio lessons to deepen your learning between sessions, voiced by iPEC Founder Bruce D Schneider
    • Beautifully designed digital 12-part workbook with over 200+ consciousness-expanding exercises to work through with your coach!

    Topics include:

    • Being at Choice: Learn how to make conscious choices to create the ideal life you envision.
    • Being Consciousness: Learn how to expand your consciousness to attract success, achieve peak performance, and more.
    • Being Abundance: Learn how to maximize the benefits of the “automatic abundance attractor” and manifest abundance in everything you do.
    • Being Happiness: Learn how to create an effortlessly joyful life by elevating your level of satisfaction.
    • Being Health: Learn how to gently yet powerfully enhance your wellbeing to live your most vibrant, energized life.
    • Being Wisdom: Learn how to tap into your inner-wisdom and go beyond what you believe is possible to truly make a difference in the world.
    • Being Wealth: Learn how to be at the level of consciousness that effortlessly attracts financial abundance, so thriving is your new normal.
    • Being The Change: Learn how to fully embody everything you learn in the Law of Being so you can create your world as you choose.

    You will leave with:

    • Personal Development: A complete system for exploring (and expanding!) consciousness.
    • Business Growth: Companion resources to grow your business—and boost your revenue.
    • Ripple Effect: Client workbook with 200+ exercises.

    Note: This product is an add-on to your coaching package. Click here to purchase coaching.

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