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DiSC  is the model to understand yourself and others. Why is this knowledge important? Self-awareness and openness to new ideas is the engine that fuels a learning organization. This synergy leads to superior business performance.





Productive working relationships for teams and individuals




Bring out the best in your direct reports




Adapt your behavior to better meet customer needs and increase sales

Everything DiSC Workplace delivers a comprehensive, easily customizable development solution to engage every employee—regardless of title or position, department or function—in building more productive and effective relationships at work.

Everything DiSC Management is a solution proven to increase the effectiveness of anyone in a management role--whether managing direct reports or the relationship with your own manager.

Everything DiSC Sales puts the power of the DiSC model into hands of salespeople. It provides a dynamic tool to learn how to create customer-centric interactions that deliver improved results.


Why choose Focus Performance Systems as your DiSC partner?

FPS is a premier DiSC distributor with a concierge level of service. We not only deliver the DiSC participant classes, but also specialize in certification of your facilitators. For client facilitators, we provide a total solution. Just send us your participant email addresses and we do the rest. No need to worry about codes and follow-up. We do it all, so you can focus on delivering a great learning experience! We’ve administered 20,000+ DiSC profiles over the past 20 years. This means in-depth knowledge and application to your business, plus hundreds of stories and examples to entertain your facilitators and participants.

DiSC for Teams was exactly what we needed. Such great insights - this will be a solid foundation for our team to build on.

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