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How to Stop The Great Resignation

Hint: It Starts with Managers

What is driving this historical moment in time where tens of millions of people have quit or are thinking about quitting their jobs in search of something new? The standard aspects of a job like career advancement, compensation, and benefits play a role, but it’s the human aspects of work (or more accurately, the lack thereof) that seem to be pushing people over the edge.

Because of the isolation, uncertainty, and change brought about by the pandemic, employees are craving a human investment in the workplace. Specifically, we want purpose, connection, and to feel valued.

And guess what? It starts with managers.

Improving each manager's effectiveness is key to employee retention, engagement, and ultimately performance. Each manager has a distinct set of strengths, stressors, hidden assumptions, and blind spots they bring to their management practice—all of which are shaped by a lifetime of social and emotional experiences.

In this 9-page e-book, we uncover some of the hidden assumptions each management style brings to work, the impact they have on their teams, and actionable strategies to help each management style rethink their role...all by utilizing the powerful DiSC® model.


-Causes of The Great Resignation

-The Employee/Manager Relationship

-Why investing in Management Training is great for the bottom line

-Assumptions that can get managers in trouble

-Unintended consequences for their teams

-Actionable steps you can take to help your managers succeed

Download How to Stop the Great Resignation Today

P.S. If you are looking for 1:1 coaching for your own managers, we can help! Reach out to us today to learn more about our coaching packages.


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