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Focus Elite Coaching: The Multi-Tool You Never Knew You Needed

Learn and apply our FOCUS tools from our Coach, Heather Tibbles-Vassilev.

Welcome readers and FPS clients!

As I've transitioned out of my corporate role and into a more consultative role, I've been thinking alot more about my brand. Coach, advisor, partner, ally. After 25 years in business, I've certainly put a lot of tools in my tool belt: the leadership and team coaching wrench, the department building nails, the business team membership hammer…the list was fairly long. After running inventory on these tools, I noticed my tool belt had actually gotten pretty heavy. It was probably more of a toolbox or even a "she shed.” Then it came to me over a good strong cup of coffee: "Hold the phone...I'm like a multi-tool! You know those cool contraptions you receive as a gift, with 21 tools all available at the flick of your finger, ready to tackle just about anything? Why buy multiple tools when one will do?” Yup, that's me. I can imagine the description on Amazon:

“Focus Elite Total Solution multi-tool offering executive grade business & leadership excellence, validated with over 20 years of testing. The Swiss Army Knife of Consulting.”

Overview of Our Tools At Focus Performance Systems, we offer high caliber one-on-one coaching & advisory packages. We also provide organizational effectiveness tools, including DiSC assessments & workshops, Decision Focus®, Advancing Team Performance™ workshops and Emotional Intelligence training.

For those who want to maximize and leverage their workforce, consider our "New Leader Immersion Experience.” Built on our basic tool, when you purchase this package, you have all the tools your new leader needs to navigate through the first year of their journey, even before they start!

Imagine having a seasoned leader who can:

  • Help you select the qualities needed for your candidate (based on the needs of your business and department)

  • Partner with you and your HR partner to identify the self-assessment needed and the pertinent interview questions required

  • Support you in crafting a development plan for that new hire, which starts on day one.

Now imagine this leadership ally doesn't disappear. She stays with your new hire/new promotion for a year, coaching and advising to support the onboarding process. She leads the leadership integration with the new team, supporting and coaching the whole department or team as needed through the transition. And it works, because this tool has been in the hands of customers for over 10 years.

What We Do Differently Part of my strategic and focus strength skillset is to be able to see the connections between seemingly unconnectable ideas and concepts, and quickly select the tool needed for the moment. And if you need to pivot, I’ve got the multi-tool from my she shed ready to go!

So this is what I'll share in my next series. Not just about individual tools themselves, but how I've used them together to help solve challenges and provide that total solution.

Want to learn more about our FOCUS tools and offerings? Check them out here. I'd also love to hear from you on Linkedin....let's connect!


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