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Advancing Team Performance

ATP (Advancing Team Performance) is a proven approach for both existing teams and new teams, based on over 25 years of marketplace results. It’s a series of processes and tools that, when effectively applied, help teams achieve their goals and maintain healthy and productive work relationships.






Here are the three core elements of the ATP system:

Business Meeting

For Newly Formed Teams

There are five essential elements that lead to a fast and effective team start-up. These are applied in a Team Launch work session for any new team that needs to speed its “formation-to-productivity” cycle.

Glass Conference Room

For New & Existing Teams

DiSC is the best tool for helping colleagues work better together. We know – we’ve administered over 18,000 DiSC profiles to teams like yours.



For Individuals

The Five Behaviors™ Personal Development solution is designed specifically to work for individuals; participants do not all need to be part of the same team. Behaviors are carried from one team to the next, building an agile culture of collaborative teamwork. 

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