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Team Portrait

The Energy Leadership Index  &
ELI for Teams Workshop


Raise the collective consciousness of your company, one team at a time,

with our FOCUS Productive Energy Solutions.

Why Energy Leadership?

For Newly Formed Teams

This complementary tool actively incorporates participants' new DiSC knowledge into their daily interactions by offering strategies for working and communicating with specific team members.


How It Works 

Participants create a MyEverythingDiSC account and import their completed Everything DiSC profile.


Learners are able to access their DiSC profile, information about their style, reports, and their customers through Customer Interaction Maps (exclusive to the Everything DiSC Sales profile) and their Comparisons. Both individual and group comparisons can be created and offer content exclusive to MyEverythingDiSC. 


  • Access profiles anytime, with any device.

  • Learn more about how DiSC styles of co-workers.

  • Invite others to compare DiSC styles—and accept invites to compare from others.

  • Create Customer Interaction Reports for improving sales relationships (exclusive to Everything DiSC Sales).





How do I equip my team or employees with Everything DiSC?

Contact us! We will learn your needs and discuss options. We’ll help you choose the DiSC product and delivery method that is right for your team. You can use our experienced DiSC facilitators or certify your internal facilitators. 

Does your organization have internal trainers? If so, take advantage of our all-inclusive DiSC services.

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