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Introducing Focus Elite Coaching for Leaders

1:1 Coaching to Improve Leader Effectiveness and Business Results

Congrats! You just promoted a new leader.

We understand that while there is excitement within this new role, it can also be a really hard transition. As Leaders move up the “talent pyramid”, they often struggle to balance their functional, people leadership and business roles. Without support, amazing individuals get frustrated, fail and leave.... or worse, fail and stay. When a Leader is failing, their team and business suffers as well.

Like we mentioned recently, improving each manager's effectiveness is key to employee retention, engagement, and ultimately performance. Each manager has a distinct set of strengths, stressors, hidden assumptions, and blind spots they bring to their management practice—all of which are shaped by a lifetime of social and emotional experiences. But also what’s needed is a process and partnership to assist the Leader in gaining clarity and focus on goals, priorities, actions, and accountability.

This is why we are proud to announce the addition of Focus Elite Coaching to the Focus Tools Suite of Solutions.

Whether it is the individual contributor who just became a people or business leader, or an experienced leader facing a major challenge outside their current comfort zone, our coaching can help.

Introducing Your Coach: Heather Tibbles-Vassilev

Heather joins our team as a Senior Partner at Focus Performance Systems with 25+ year background in medical devices and drug development. She has successfully coached leaders to thrive as both people and business leaders throughout her long career. As a coach, Heather utilizes an authentic, direct trust-building coaching style with a toolkit of proven decision making, problem solving and personal effectiveness solutions.


"Without a doubt, Heather's coaching has made me a better leader. Her keenness & speed in understanding business situations and driving smart decisions were invaluable in successfully driving multiple critical business initiatives to conclusion. She sets a "high-bar" to help people understand how to develop themselves and their teams, and ensures they jump over it. Heather has a proven ability to help leaders & teams thrive, I'm but one of them."

Want to work with us? Contact us to find out if Focus Elite Coaching is right for you!


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